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Trusted By Customers

I spent quite a while looking for someone who will help us revamp our website. I did not have the budget to pay for a big agency but still wanted the level of expertise, technical know how and reliability. Kim was mentioned by my Marketing consultant- so I checked her out. I am so happy that I did: she provided good recommendations regarding the tools to be used and had executed her tasks swiftly and without glitches. Instead of me needing to wait for her- it was more the opposite. The web site revamp project involved quite a lot of moving parts- from the content to the graphics. So it was very good to know that the technical details are in reliable hands. This provided me with the headspace to focus on the other elements. The new website is now up and running, and I am much more relaxed knowing that Kim provides whatever little support that is needed. I know she will help me keep it up to date and working smoothly. Also- with the good foundations we have now I feel it will be easier to extend the site as we go forward. Will definitely use Kim for such future projects.

Definitely use for such future projects

Rina Nir, RadBee Ltd.

Great freelancer! Did a great job and quickly. Responded to messages quickly as well. We will use again in the future if needed!

Great Job


Byenvision is the kind of resource you dream about finding. Professional, unflappable, predictable, and extremely capable. Will use again and again if available for us.

Extremely Capable


The job had to be done in under 24hrs. It was completed sooner and to a high standard.



Byenvision has a deep technical knowledge of building web sites. Listens intently to client's needs/desires and delivers to that exact spec. I appreciated the ability and interest to work in partnership with clients, particularly good advisement and counsel. Byenvision's stated motivation is to ensure the client is satisfied with the end product. I would highly recommend Byenvision to others who need a Contractor to build a website.

Good Advisement and Counsel


Byenvision did an excellent job on our project. All milestones were met within the agreed upon time lines, and the quality of the work was very high. All work completed was well documented and thoroughly explained as we had requested. We would definitely work with Byenvision again or recommend her to others.

Quality of the work was very high


Byenvision exceeded all of my expectations for this project, delivering even more than I had hoped for. Because of Byenvision’s excellent performance I have told friends and colleagues about these services. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I chose Byenvision to work on my project and the associated outcome.

Byenvision Delivers – “Exceeded All of My Expectations”


Byenvision did an outstanding job from start to finish. The work totally exceeded my wildest expectations. Byenvision is very trustworthy and conscientious. I'm very indebted and grateful for the hard work and professional attitude. I'm a demanding client - a perfectionist with high standards. The project took seven months with three months of editing. Byenvision was very professional all the way. We did more than build a website. We designed the foundation for my business, creating a strong visual identity for my practice, my center, training and certification programs. From editing videos to music downloads, PDF's, paypal and almost 1,000 hyperlinks, Byenvision's heart was in the work all the way.

Trustworthy and Conscientious


Absolutely top notch work and great communication. Out of many, many Elance jobs, this is the only provider I’ve paid a bonus to – and this was the second time.

Top Notch Work and Great Communication

Byenvision is an excellent provider if you are looking for web design or work. Helped me complete the task of getting about 20 pages worth of content put into a WordPress site in record time - under two days! Byenvision was very professional and courteous and asked questions when warranted instead of making decisions that may not have been correct and was able to complete tasks above and beyond the full scope of the project. All well under the time allotted for the job. I would definitely recommend working with Byenvision if you have the opportunity.

Definitely Recommend


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